Zhuhai Kingtech Print Co., Ltd--- A technical and developmental enterprise devoted to produce recyclable and compatible consuming materials for printers came into being according to the tendency of the day. We aim to improve the quality of the recyclable and compatible consuming materials for printers, serve to the society, and facilitate the customers to purchase the ideal consuming products.


We own the teams of research and development, technological engineering and manufacturing management, which are composed of capable senior engineers, engineers as well as excellent administrative staffs, most of them are with the working experience of over 10 years. Our company cooperates closely with the suppliers of the key fitting parts, and co-founded a research group consisted of doctors and masters, who collaborate with the universities of middle-south for tackling key problems. Thus, the professional techniques and the profound knowledge background make our company the best choice of yours.


We provide three types of choice for your requirement: Golden Version, professional version and normal version.

Golden Version: Made of Mitsubishi OPC, high quality import toner, new DB\WB, OEM DR (MR) or PCR, or fully refilled cartridge. Perfect printing quality without any defects, which can be used for high-end office, bank and hospital DICOM print.

Professional version: Made of import OPC, qualified toner. Excellent quality with non defects, which aimed at normal customer.

Normal version: Made of new OPC or recycle OPC, qualified toner and partial new parts. Which can be used for economic print to save your cost.

We also produce ODM for you based on your requirements.

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